…the Halloween candy thing….

Well, now it’s all sitting there–that candy.  And you’re feeling guilty, right?  Either you got it all via trick or treating, or you bought for the kids and they never showed up….right?  And dentists like me are looming over you to push the guilt trip.  Because it”s bad for your teeth, and your waistline.  So what to do?

Enter the world of “cariology”.  No, not cardiology–cariology– it’s the study of dental decay, or caries.  And if you thought it was over in the early sixties with the advent of a fluoride toothpaste, you’d be wrong.  It’s opening up with new discoveries every day.  We’ll start with some basics….

Does sugar consumption cause decay?  The short and “operative” answer is yes, it does.  And you need to watch  it carefully.  So let’s apply it to the candy–you can have one piece following a meal, immediately following a meal, and your teeth will never  no the dif….yes… there’s more to follow…


Dr Guy

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